♥ Freedom from Heart Diseases

Only wearable device that can Alert you before a Heart Attack & Stroke

Early detection of Heart Diseases, Clinical grade Cardiac Insights, Well Fitted in Modern Lifestyle
An effortless way to monitor cardiac health and prevention of heart attack & strokes
Early CVDs Detection

Detects heart health problems in their early stages to prevent them through positive lifestyle changes.

Clinical Grade Vitals

Most accurate medical grade bio-sensing to track complete heart health insights and 24×7 data analysis.

Critical Health Alerts

Most advanced health alert technology to get notified before serious health problems as heart attack, cardiac arrest, etc…

Complete Heart Care

Complete proactive cardiac care through preventative health monitoring, treatment monitoring & critical monitoring.

Made for Modern Life

Potential life saver wearable (available as wrist-watch and band) fitting seamlessly into modern lifestyle.

360° Health Analysis

Stay connected to your heart anytime, anywhere with 360° heart health insights, data sharing and analysis.

Comprehensive heart health insights

World’s first wearable cardiac health monitor who provides clinical grade most accurate health vitals from heart rate, blood oxygen (SPO2), blood pressure (BP), stress level, temperature to physical activities fitting seamlessly into modern lifestyle.

Also it’s most advanced health alert technology keeps you up to date about your real time health status through timely notifications, health alerts and positive recommendations.

Our wearable health gadgets (smart-watches and wrist-bands) offer a powerful way to manage your heart health and to prevent CVDs through positive recommendations, treatment monitoring and critical alerts. It’s most advanced bio-sensing technology provides a powerful way to manage your heart health without any compromise with your daily life.

All chronic cardiac diseases occurs in body silently and grow in time, an early detection can save and extend the life from these diseases. Most cardiovascular diseases are preventable through positive lifestyle changes and medication if symptoms are caught early.


Clinical grade cardiac health vitals

Vitals Pro’s clinically validated technology delivers the most accurate medical grade heart health insights in just few seconds from anywhere, anytime.

We care much about medical accuracy, quality and health data security to provide you the most accurate, clinical grade cardiac health vitals recommended by cardiologists.

Vitals Pro allows you to track and share all major heart health factors to your doctor or health provider on your fingertips using Android and iOS Apps.

360° Cardiac Health Analysis

Vitals Pro is the most advanced cardiac health management solution that intends to collect, store, analyze and provide medical grade health vitals of users with data analysis and actionable health advice.

It’s health assessment feature provides an in-depth look at your cardiac health, whilst identifying any common health issues. The output of health assessment can be used to obtain a personalized health status report and the necessary focused action plans.

All to give you complete peace of mind that you have a full picture of your cardiac health.


Available as Smart Watch & Bands

Vitals Pro wearables are available as smart watch and wrist band. Use of Vitals Pro smart watch and wrist band requires the companion app, which is available for download in the App Store and Google Play.

Compatible with most Android and iOS devices. Easily attaches to the most Android and iOS smartphones making it convenient to always have with you.

Apps will be Available Soon


Freedom from Heart Diseases

Vitals Pro wearable are world’s first most advanced complete cardiac health management device available to prevent heart diseases by early detection, positive recommendation and timely notifications

Vitals Pro Smart Watch and Wrist Bands are available for Pre-Order!

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Features December 19, 2016
Vitals Pro

Freedom from Heart Diseases

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